Garden Harvest Pesto

This Spring + Summer is all about gardening for me. I have a killer balcony garden happening where I am growing 2 kinds of tomatoes, 2 kinds of hot peppers, kale, chard, endive lettuce, radishes, snap peas and all the herbs. I am also volunteering once a week at a community learning farm. In exchange for volunteering a handful of volunteers, including myself, get to learn everything about organic vegetable farming and also get part of the “farmers share” of vegetables.

Shupe's Soups Vegetable Farming

Shupe's Soups Vegetable Farming



After my first balcony harvest of the year I made this pesto and then put it on everything I ate for the next few days until it was all gone. This sauce is packed with iron and the addition of lemon (vitamin c) helps your body better absorb the iron. Garden Harvest Pesto is easily adaptable, using what you have on hand or what you can harvest from your own garden, just use this recipe as a rough guide.


Shupe's Soups Vegetable Garden


Shupe's Soups Vegetable Harvest



Garden Greens Pesto

2 cups Kale and Chard, blanched
1 cup Leafy Herbs (I used parsley and cilantro)
3-4 cloves Garlic
1/2 cup Olive Oil, more may be needed
1/4 cup Hemp or Pumpkin Seeds
1/2-1 Lemon, juiced
Sea Salt

Blend garlic, seeds and oil until a paste. Add greens, herbs, oil and lemon. Blend until a smooth paste adding more oil if needed. Season with salt

Serve on blanched dark leafy greens and broccoli because iron.
Shupe's Soups Vegetable Garden


If you try this recipe, let me know! Leave a comment,  and don’t forget to tag a picture #shupessoups on Instagram. I am excited to hear from you. Happy cooking!



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